Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

About the department

The department of journalism & Mass Communication of Seth Anandram Jaipuria College, University of Calcutta, started its journey in the year 1996 with under graduate general (Pass) course. After10 years the department has added its new chapter with Honours curriculum from 2006. The department runs a film society named Cine Commune since 2007 with a notable film archive. The department is running with one Substantive Post teacher and two SACT teachers. 35 seats are allotted for Honours course and 45 seats allotted for General course. The department has one media lab for practical classes with ICT facilities. Students of this department in previous years have achieved First Class First, Second & Third position in the university examinations ranking respectively. Cultural activities are one of the important ingredients of the department to enhance the media academics and Mass Communication Education. Teachers of this department are actively engaged with Society Language & Culture Trust extending research and literary contribution to the larger society with an ISSN Journal namely Society Language & Culture: www.societylanguageculture.org

Notable Alumni

BaidurjoBhose- Sports Lead Standards and Practices Disney Star, SayanAcharya-Assistant Editor Sportsstar at the Hindu, Sana Farzeen-Indian Express, Bodhisatta Banerjee-Assistant Content Manager at Inshort, Nilotpal Biswas-SeniorReporter at AnandabazarPatrika, Saurav Paul-Senior Sub Editor & Social Media Manager at TV9 Bangla, Pariplab Chakraborty-Wire.in, Durba Mandal-TV9 Bangla, Mukul Biswas-EiSamay, MoumitaKhanra-Manager Admin at Royal Research, AvipsaSengupta-Assistant Manager Skaybound Digital LLC, ManaliSaha-JRF researcher at Jadavpur University, Durba Banerjee- Gurst Lecturer at AmtaRamsaday College, AniketBardhan-Guest Lecturer at Khidirpore College.

Future Prospects for Students

Students of this department are having enormous exposure to be a journalist in print, web,radio and television. This is also important to be a professional expert in the field of advertising, public relations and digital media marketing. Students will have noted research opportunity in the field social science based mass communication & cultural studies. Tv& Radio anchoring are creating a great job opportunity for the students in this field.