Department of History

Department of History

About the Department

The department of history was started with the very foundation of the college. A reputed scholar like Anil Chandra Banerjee joined the department in its early stage. Currently the department runs a general course in the morning shift and an Honours Course in the Day shift. Seminars, field trips and study visits are regularly organized by the department as per the demands of the new CBCS system. Faculty members are highly committed to student well-being and the harmony between teachers and students of the department have become a legend.

Notable Alumni

The department has produced a bright and vibrant alumnae who brought prestige to the department through their success. A noted alumni of the department is Dr. Madhura Mukherjee (Classical Dancer-National & International)

Future Prospect for students

Students passing from the department are successful in research, higher studies and a wide range of other competitive examinations.