Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


The great mathematicians, rather God of mathematics , Srinivasa Ramanujam, Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Bhaskara, C.R. Rao, Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis and many other stalwards genius are the pioneers of the subject Mathematics  who have explored the most beautiful and most important subject, mathematics in the world.
As a subject, Mathematics is an art. The beauty of mathematics lies in its aesthetic sense which comes from purity, simplicity, exactness and its abstractness. Mathematics is such a subject  that, solving a problem of Mathematics resembles with the drawing of a painter. Solving Mathematics is such a drawing which  will be give correct answer if and only if the exact method (pattern)  is  followed (drawn). The problem can not be solved, if the logic is not exactly followed. The algorithm must be flawless, then only a mathematical problem gives correct answer. Mathematics is such a wonderful subject, which resembles with the rivers. Rivers  merge into the same sea, though they follow different trajectory.  Just like mathematical problem can be solved by applying different methods, but the answers will not be different, it remains unique.
In the Vedic age, mathematics  was introduced with five rules of vedic sutras. These five rules are combination of techniques or sutras to solve mathematical calculation in easy and faster way. Mathematics is such a rich subject whose initiation started from Vedic age.


  1.  The strength of Department of Mathematics of S. A. Jaipuria College is excellent co-ordination between our faculty members. We always try to maintain harmony among ourselves. We face any challenge together.
  2. Our another strength is, almost all teachers are research minded & academic-minded.  All of our substantive teachers have achieved Ph.D degree from different reputed Institutions,i.e., Calcutta University, Jadavpur University & IIT Kharagpur.
  3. In our department, the  academic balance is maintained properly. Like,  some of our faculties are from Applied Mathematics, like Dr.Sukdeb Datta , Dr. Amit Kumar Pal and Dr. Subrata Bhakta. On the other hand,Dr. AninditaBasu and Dr. Amit Sarkar are from Pure Mathematics.
  4. The students are also benefited as they are taught by the teachers from both the branches of Mathematics, Applied  Mathematics as well  as Pure Mathematics as all the teachers are achieved Ph.D from different  reputed Universities and Instutions.
  5. On the other hand, Dr.AninditaBasu is a student of  Pure Mathematics, Ballygunge Science College, University of Calcutta, an another branch of Mathematics .And the last but not the least, our junior most faculty, Dr. Amit Sarkar is  a young , energetic and sincere teacher. He is a student of  Kalyani University, where Dr. Sarkar learnt both Applied and Pure Mathematics. This way, the balance is maintained and students are benefited.
  6. Most all our faculties have research publications in Reputed Journals.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Sukdev Datta

Our senior most professor Dr. Sukdev Datta, Associate Prof,  Department of Mathematics, Seth Anandram Jaipuria College, is an academic-minded, sincere  and student friendly  teacher. He is the pillar of our Department He always guide us in academic as well as in any  other official issues. His experience and sincerity lead us in every situation.He is an Ph.D holder from Jadavpur University in 2006.

Dr. Amit Kumar Pal

One of the senior most faculties of our department, Dr. Amit Kumar Pal,  Associate Prof., Department of Mathematics, S. A. Jaipuria College,is a brilliant  teacher as well as  brilliant research scholar.
Dr. Pal did M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Rajabajar Science College,  University of Calcutta, in the year 2000. He achieved Ph.D degree from IIEST, Shibpur, in 2010, under the guidance of Prof. Guruprasad Samanta, Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIEST,Shibpur, Howrah.He  has already published  35 research articles  in national and international Journals.

In 2021, Dr. A.K. Pal guided a research scholar, namely Dr. Ashok Mondal, jointly with Prof. Guruprasad Samanta, Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIEST, (Formerly Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur), Shibpur, Howrah, W.B, India.)

Dr. Ashok Mondal is currently faculty of Budge Budge Institute of Technology under MAKAUT.

Dr. Anindita Basu

HOD, Department of Mathematics,S.A. Jaipuria College, achieved M.Sc Degree from Pure Mathematics, Ballygunge Science College, University of Calcutta in 2000.  

She qualified SLET & GATE Exams in Mathematical Science. Through GATE score she got admission in  IIT Kharagpur as an Institutional Research Scholar during 2001-2005. She did Ph.D under the guidance of renowned  Prof. P. D. Srivastava., Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT, Kharagpur.
The broad area of research  of Dr. Anindita Basu is Functional Analysis& Fuzzy set Theory.

In 2005,  through the SLET, she wasappointed through West Bengal College Service Commission,in the college Dr. Bhupendra Nath Dutta Smriti Mahavidyalaya (DBNDSM ) in  the district Purba Bardhaman of West Bengal. She served the college  for 14 years. In 2019, she had been transferred to Seth Anandram Jaipuria College, Kolkata, through govt  transfer.

Dr.Basu published 13 national and international publications.She completed one UGC project.She presented paper in different national Institutes , like
IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee, IMRS Cochi, IISER Pune, Gauhati University, Calcutta Mathematical Society, Calcutta & IMRF GOA chapter.
She  is also an author of a book, Tittle- Statistical and Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Sequence spaces, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

Dr. Subrata Bhakta

Dr.Bhakta  studied Applied Mathematics from Rajabajar Science College. He  also achieved Ph.D degree from  Rajabajar Science College, University of Calcutta, under the guidance of Prof. Susmita Sarkar, faculty of Applied Mathematics Department, University of Calcutta. in 2021. He published 6  research papers in reputed Journals.

Dr. Amit Sarkar

Dr. Amit Sarkar is the junior most teacher of our department. He is one of the young, enthusiastic and  talented teacher of Department of Mathematics, SAJC.  He bagged Ph.Ddegree recently  from Jadavpur University under the guidance of Prof. Prabir Kumar Kundu in the year 2022. He has good number of publications. In the last 4 years he published 7 papers. All total he published 15 research papers.

The last but not the least, we are blessed with eight more teachers of Mathematics who are appointed as State Aided College Teachers in S. A. Jaipuria College. They serve all the three shifts of the college, as per requirement.Most of them are involved in research work.

The list of SACT of Mathematics is given below:
  1. Prof. Anindita Mukherjee, (Day), completed M.Sc,Techno India, in 2016.She is PersuingPh.D from Techno India, 2020
  2. Prof. PallabiKundu (Day), M.Sc , Shyamaprasad College, University of Calcutta, 2016. She is persuingPh.D in Techno India University.
  3. Prof. Riya Chakraborty ( Day), M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Bethune College;
  4. Prof. Himangshu Bhattacharyya (Day),  M.Sc , North Bengal University.
  5. Prof, Ananya Banerjee (Day), M.Sc, Jadavpur University
  6. Prof. Jayanta Kamilla, (Day), completed M.Sc in Applied Mathematics, Bangabasi Evening College, University of Calcutta. He is persuingPh.D, have 3 research publications.
  7. Prof Arup Kumar Samui, (Day), M.Sc, Mathematics, Netaji Subhas open university.
  8. Prof Surajit Bhattacharyya (Day), M.Sc , Pure Mathematics, University of Burdwan,. He also achieved Diploma in Statistics from ISI.
  9. Prof Gouri Sankar Dey is one of our active, sincere teachers of Department if Mathematics, S.A. Jaipuria College. He was appointed in Jaipuria college in  1995 and further designated as SACT-II teacher of Department of Mathematics, S. A. Jaipuria College.He completed graduation in 1988, from Vidyasagar Evening  College, under University of Calcutta and passed out M.Sc from Department of Mathematics, University of Calcutta. He experienced teaching first in Maharaja Srischandra College, University of Calcutta for 17 years. His another added qualification  is B.Ed, which he acquired in 1992.


Mathematics is such a vast subject, which have two branches, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics which is mandatory for almost all subjects of Science, like,physics, chemistry, computer science and  Economics.

We have the opportunity to introduce PG course in mathematics as our faculties are from both the sections of mathematics, Pure mathematics and Applied mathematics.

We have the opportunity  to get our ex- students in near future and who are recently persuing higher studies in different renowned Universities and Institutes like BHU, JNU, Jadavpur University, Calcutta University, Pure & Applied Mathematics and also IISER, IIT ISM , NIT Silchar, Dhanbad,  IIT Roorkee, NIT Warangal and other national institutions.

We hope a section of our students will be interested to choose their career in academics and will take the responsibility of making the next generation educated.


  1. The students from weaker section have to be attracted to the basic science subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and have to motivate them to develop scientific attitude and temper.
  2. In the post pandemic period, the number of drop out students are  increasing.They have to be attracted towards classroom

Webinar in the Department of Mathematics

On 8th August, 2020 , our Mathematics  Department , S. A. Jaipuria College, organised a National Webinar on the topic “Application of Mathematics”.
Our distinguished invited speakers are Prof. Asok Kumar Nanda, Professor, Department of Masthemmatics & Statistics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata and Prof. Santanu Saha Ray, Professor, Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela.  The topic of the speaker was- “High order Numerical Methods for Riesz Fractional Partial Differential Equations in Anomalous Dfdusion Modelling”.
Our respected Principal Sir whole-heartedly co-orperate with us in organizing such a national seminar during pandemic period.
The magnificent talk of  these esteemed speakers moved the students and all the respected faculties and listeners. Our seminar was extremely successful. Principal  sir was present virtually  in the webinar and delivered inauguaral talk, which moved the listener.

Achievement of Passed out Students

Department of Mathematics

  1. Trishita Paul, M.Sc. in Mathematics, BHU
  2. Manjari Mukherjee, Working at Cognigent as Data analyst
  3. Raktim Kar, M.Sc. ,Rahara Ramkrishna Centenary College under WBSU
  4. Soumyajit Dev, Ph.D. from IIT Bhubaneswar (M.SC in IIT Bhubeneswar)
  5. Suman Mallick, Mobile Number - 9088896836, Completed Masters and Currently PersuingB.Ed under WBUTTEPA.
  6. Ayushi Das, After completing M.Sc. in Mathematics from BHU, now doing M.Tech from ISI, Kolkata
  7. Ranjan  singh - Indian coast guard-8582834451
  8. Ankur Ghosh - govt job prep-7890219728

Department of Mathematics

  1. Tonmay Adhikari, Data entry operator in Sheeshaaa India private limited.,Contact no 9903849647
  2. Preetam Mallick, MSc Pure Mathematics from Calcutta University, Contact no 7059910352
  3. Prithu Das, MBA Vidyasagar University, Contact no 8100265791
  4. Subhankar Pal, MBA Vidyasagar University, Contact no 70038 16956
  5. Aritrika Banerjee, MCA(6th sem) Heritage College, Mobile No.- 7602531689
  6. Amili Moulik, Ph 8250459998, Abbott health care
  7. Suman Mukherjee, Post Bsc: Preparing for Govt. Job, Contact no 84203 63936
  8. Sayan Biswas Post Bsc: Preparing for Govt Job, Contact no 7449867820

Department of Mathematics

  1. Suman Dey, M.Sc. in Computing Science at BHU
  2. Shinchan Bhattacharjee, M.Sc. in Mathematics at BHU
  3. Rajnikant Keshori, M.Sc.in Mathematics at BHU
  4. Sweta Prasad, MCA at MAKAUT
  5. Sneha Kundu, M.Sc in Mathematics at Bethun College under CU
  6. Pratik Bagchi, M.Sc. in Mathematics at Dumdum Motijheel College under WBSU
  7. Pritam Manna, M.Sc. in Mathematics at Behala College under CU.
  8. Name: Mihika Ghosh, Contact: 7059064083, Last course completed:  M.Sc.( Applied Mathematics)
  9. Sayan Sarkar, 8240463140, MCA, University of Kalyani
  10. Rahul Saha, 8961647030, M. Sc., Bangabasi Evening College, University of Calcutta
  11. Riya Karmakar, 7059311837, M. Sc., Bangabasi Evening College, University of Calcutta
  12. RitobanBasak, 7003110270, M.Sc., Narasingha Dutt college,University of Calcutta
  13. Ratul Modak, 7980850600, M.Sc IIT ISM Dhanbad
  14. Ayanava Das, 8420231282, M.C.A. Jadavpur University
  15. Kuntal Bera, 8017109422, M.Sc., Narasingha Dutt College, University of Calcutta
  16. Snehasish Dey, 7059351557, M.Sc., Narasinha Dutt College, University of Calcutta
  17. Ankita Chandra, 8910505410, M.Sc.,University of Calcutta
  18. Shagufta Yasmin, 7980922314, M.Sc ,University of Calcutta
  19. Sucheta Bera, 6290871215, Course - M.Sc( Pure Mathematics), College- Lady Brabourne College, University of Calcutta
  20. Karishma Mallik, 7003479919, Msc form APC College State University
  21. Soumita Ghosh, 8777249443, B.Ed, wbuttepa
  22. Gargi Bose, 6291696712, B.Ed, WBUTTEPA
  23. Sinchan Bhattacharjee, MSc Mathematics from Banaras Hindu University, AWARD:-Recipient of NBHM Masters Scholarship 2019-2021,GATE 2022 AIR 354, GATE  REG. NO-MA22S26509498

Department of Mathematics

  1. Trishita Nandy, JNU, MCA
  2. Sarita Kumari, Rajabazar Science College, Kolkata, M.Sc in Applied Mathematics
  3. Deesha Adhikary, Kalyani Government Engineering College, MCA
  4. Jayeeta Dhar, West Berngal State University, M.Sc , Mathematics
  5. Sayantani Dhar, Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, M.Sc Mathematics
  6. Zinnia Hossain, Rajabazar Science College, Kolkata, M.Sc in Applied Mathematics
  7. Swarnali Dutta, IIT Roorkee, M.Sc in Mathematics,
  8. SoumikTarafdar, JU, MCA
  9. Shrestha Saha, Ballygunge Science College, M.Sc in Pure Mathematics
  10. Akash Kr. Mishra, Rajabazar Science College, Kolkata, M.Sc in Applied Mathematics.
  11. Saroj Das, Kalyani Govt Engineering College, MCA
  12. Debayan Dutta, RKMVER(Belur), M.Sc in Data Science
  13. Deep Saha, NIT Warangal, MCA
  14. SubhadeepMedda, NIT Rourkela, M.Sc Mathematics